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Fists in Solidarity

Building Stronger
Workplace Relationships

What is Workplace Mediation?

  • A confidential process led by a neutral third party who facilitates a conversation between colleagues, supervisor/subordinate, business partners or any combination of parties. 

  • An opportunity to help parties better understand each other’s perspective.

  • An opportunity to develop a mutually acceptable plan to move forward and improve the working relationship or sever the relationship constructively. 

  • A controlled forum for a professionally trained mediator to utilize a variety of negotiation and conflict resolution skills to help parties resolve conflicts at the earliest stage possible. 

  • An excellent option for organizations to resolve conflicts before they fester and disrupt the workplace, decrease engagement, or turn into costly formal claims.

What is Conflict Coaching?

  • When a conflict coach works one-on-one with a coachee who is experiencing conflict with another person or group of people.

  • An opportunity to help coachee identify and remove obstacles. 

  • An opportunity for the coachee to talk about specific conflicts with a neutral third party (the conflict coach), who is skilled in conflict resolution techniques.

  • A controlled way to assist a coachee in considering various techniques and options to best manage conflict.

  • A conflict coach helps the coachee see challenging situations from all perspectives, and helps them improve thier conflict resolution skills. 


When to call a conflict resolution specialist?

  • When there’s conflict between employees that disrupts the productivity of an individual or team.

  • When communication has broken down between employees, managers, or any combination.

  • When there is tension between team leaders that interferes with department operations

  • When a team member perceives they are being treated differently or unfairly.

  • When an employee mentions workplace discrimination, harassment, hostile environment etc.

  • When individuals or teams feel the workplace environment is toxic or they are reluctant to engage.

  • When burnout, absenteeism and low morale lead to high employee turnover.

We specialize in resolving...

  • Employment Disputes

  • Sexual Harassment Complaints

  • Workplace Conflicts

  • Discrimination Claims

  • EEO Disputes

  • Whistleblower Complaints     

  • Government Disputes

  • Partnership Disputes             

  • Labor/Union Disputes   

We are available to mediate in person upon request.
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