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Conflict Coaching

A Conflict Coach helps guide you and/or your staff to remove obstacles and improve communication skills in the workplace.  Improving the way conflict is managed is integral to any healthy workplace environment, whether you are experiencing a conflict or challenge yourself or you manage staff that are engaged in negative group dynamics, passive agressive behaviors, overt conflict or lack of or miscommunication.

An external coach is typically in a better position to help people clearly see obstacles and move past them in an objective way.  We help assess the current situation and guide coachees to win win solutions for all involved. Coaching sessions are all conducted virtually through Zoom and can be 30 - 60 minutes long, typically taking place once a week for 6-8 weeks. We would be honored to work with you or your staff and help you create a safe, comfortable and empowering workplace. 

Coaching sessions will help Coachees…

  • Examine specific workplace conflicts from various perspectives

  • Improve Conflict resolution and Communication skills

  • Identify each parties role in the conflict

  • Brainstorm options for improved workplace relationships

  • Work through difficult conversations with a colleague or supervisor

  • Identify conflict styles and better understand how their style interacts with other styles

Image by Anika Huizinga

"The coaching sessions with CMA increased my awareness of the importance of reflective listening and staff validation.  These sessions have enhanced my management skills, which has resulted in me becoming a more effective leader.  This was evident through a recent survey taken by my team." 

                                    Manager, Orlando Utilities Commission

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