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Workplace Mediation

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Benefits of Workplace Mediation

  • Decreased employee turnover.

  • Increased individual and team productivity.

  • Improved employee morale and wellbeing.

  • Increased employee engagement.

  • Fewer grievances and formal complaints.

  • Lower legal expenses and decreased exposure.

  • Resolves conflicts before they escalate.

  • Reduced time management and Human Resources spend on interpersonal conflicts.


"I hired Sheryle to help us with a difficult business partnership. We came close to filing lawsuits, but Sheryle saved the day and we went on to generate a million dollars in sales. Sheryle was always a professional, and helped keep the conflict contained, made sure everybody was heard, and in the end facilitated a remarkable success story. Would definitely recommend highly, and use again in the future for any business (or personal) conflict."

Brett Fogle, former CEO

Options University and OptionsU Forex

"I have observed Mrs. Woodruff during many mediations and have always been impressed with her skills, professionalism, and neutrality.  I highly recommend her to any organization.


Daina Roman,

Retired EEO Specialist

United States Postal Service
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