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Workplace Training

There are many costs of unresolved conflict: hostile work environment, low employee morale, negative effects on customer service, diminished cooperation between colleagues, increased turnover costs, absenteeism and an increased likelihood of EEO claims and workplace violence. Your employees are your most valuable asset. The most successful organizations are the ones that invest in their employees by making sure they are well trained in conflict resolution skills.
CMA has facilitated training for organizations such as ITEC, City of Winter Park, US Army, Lynn University and many more.  CMA helps organizations prevent and eliminate employee related problems that weaken organizations and distract staff from their core functions.
All workshops delivered by CMA are able to be custom prepared for each individual organization, taking into consideration the specific organizational culture, concerns and desired outcomes.  Workshops are always designed in an interactive format that will engage participants in experiential practical learning.  Trainings can be scheduled to be live on site or delivered virtually. 
Popular Training Topics
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Preventing EEO Complaints

  • Dealing with Difficult People & Conversations

  • Mediation or Negotiation Skills for Managers   

  • Creating a Transformational Work Culture

  • Resolving Workplace Conflicts

  • Productive Teams

  • Conflict Coaching for Leaders

  • Mediating interpersonal workplace conflicts

  • Managing Different Conflict Styles

  • Break Free from Conflict & Bias

  • Advanced Conflict Resolution Skills

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Audience and Lecturer
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